Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Alethe Consulting helps companies of all sizes across all domains with combination of new technologies and business models to unleash new capabilities and customer experiences. Your customers and business partners demand these changes. The chance to streamline operations and capitalize on new revenue-generating opportunities makes business transformation exciting—and rewarding.

Alethe provides consulting services in a wide technology spectrum. The consulting services broadly includes but not limited to the following domains


Platform Consulting

We provide Platform Consulting across the following domains:

Application & Database Re-Design & Consulting

Our consultants at Alethe Consulting help organization to re-design their applications/database & IT infrastructure to optimize the operational cost & improve the overall system performance. We study & understand the customer business process & current setup. After the completion of audit, analysis & capacity planning of the current infrastructure we propose an optimized architecture. These solutions are enhanced based on our design philosophy of making solution more Flexible, Manageable, Robust, Scalable and Secure.

  • Database Consolidation & Optimisation
  • Database Streaming
  • Database level DR Consulting
  • RPO & RTO Optimisation
  • Design and develop data-driven applications
  • Provide consultation on database system usage, optimization, and deployment.
  • Consulting on scaling the complexity, users, and data volume of applications.
  • Systems level design and implementation
  • Complex application architecting and development
  • Data modeling, database design, implementation
  • Database administration guidance and Remote DBA

Network Consulting Services

Network down-time or poor quality of service today directly translates into revenue losses for organizations and enterprises today. One of the most vital offerings from Alethe Consulting is empowering its clients to meet such demands

Network Consulting Services Deliverables

  • Network Design Optimization & Performance Troubleshooting
  • Network Configuration validation
  • Capacity Planning
  • Reduction in Infrastructure costs
  • Security Planning and Risk Analysis
  • Business Continuity Planning & Availability

Business Continuity Planning & DR Consulting

Business Continuity Plan –Business Continuity is the ability of a business to continue its operations with minimal disruption or downtime in the advent of natural or intentional disasters. Business Continuity begins with a plan that addresses all risks and secures systems that are vital to business operations.
BCP necessitates the provisioning for redundancies at all levels. That includes not just servers, storage, networking equipment and connectivity links, but also other infrastructure like air-conditioning and power supplies. The plan should cover all risks that could possibly affect your business.
Alethe Consulting help customers to build the end to end BCP Plan, which includes
Alethe’s BCP Consulting Service Framework:

Other Services