Archival & Compliance


Archival & Compliance

Content management & information risk is one of the biggest challenges for the organizations today. Data is growing exponentially & cost of storage is very high. Also organizations need to be proactively enabled for the Information Governance & litigation readiness.

Alethe Consulting is providing email & content archiving solutions to help enterprises & users to store, manage and discover unstructured information across the organization. Our solutions help organization to store the content effectively to reduce the storage cost & meet the compliance objectives.
We have certified & trained resources skilled on market proven intelligent archiving & compliance tools.

Key Benefits of Archival & Compliance Solutions

  • Retention of unstructured information in accordance with IT policies while improving performance.
  • Reducing costs and simplifying management.
  • Reduction in storage, backup and help desk costs.
  • Proactive archiving & reduced cost to search and collect the data on demand.
  • Integrated Information Governance & readiness for legal discover purposes.

Integrated Information Governance & readiness for legal discover purposes.

Alethe Consulting provide Content Archiving & IT Compliance related solutions for the following product portfolio but not limited to:

  • Symantec Enterprise Vault
  • EMC SourceOne
  • Mimosa Systems
  • AXS-One
  • Sun EBS
  • IBM
  • CA Message Manager
  • HP Email Archiving

We provide consulting & deployment services for providing complex archiving & compliance solutions to Enterprise Customers which covers the following:

  • Capacity Planning & Sizing: For the storage & hardware which would be required to achieve the archiving objective for desired environment.
  • Product Selection: Archival Product selection & evaluation based on customer Infrastructure & environment complexity.
  • Integration with existing Infrastructure: Integration with Existing infrastructure like Storage, Backup Solutions & Monitoring System
  • Business Continuity Planning: Disaster Recovery site for uninterrupted content availability
  • Migration & Up gradation: Form existing archiving solution & infrastructure.
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