Platform & Storage Services


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Enable secure and productive work-from-anywhere experience. Keep data and applications in the datacenter where there is greater control and protection from down-time and data loss.

Small Office Deployment


Complete IT infrastructure solutions that enable companies to store files, run general business applications, and have wired and wireless connectivity.


Flexible configurations for small environments

Basic server configurations you can customize by adding one of the recommended modules to provide functionality like file and print, infrastructure management, client endpoint security, and small-scale virtualization.


Protect your business and preserve data.

Mitigate against the disastrous impacts of data loss due to threats such as ransomware and data corruption physical disaster/events. Archive data to lower long-term storage cost and preserve data to meet regulatory requirements.


Run multiple applications on a single server.

Improve application and data availability and benefit from the power and flexibility of multiple servers, but with the space and budget of a single server.

Shared Storage

Single storage pool for multiple servers

Improve application performance and availability with a reliable, low-cost solution that expands your storage capacity across multiple servers.

down-time and data loss.

Hyperconverged Infastructure (HCI)

Software-defined storage for high availability

Protect your business with a resilient software defined storage solution that keeps your files and data truly protected on multiple servers that can even withstand failure and will keep running even if a server goes off-line.

Database & Applications

Host line-of-business apps and data on-site

Take control of cloud-based apps and data with an on-site solution tuned to run your business applications for better performance and data security, avoiding unexpected subscription costs and downtime from internet service outages.

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