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Testing is the most important phase in Software Development Life Cycle. Every software development lifecycle relies greatly on the test team to ensure the end product is of the highest quality and functionality

We offer quality solutions for software testing using both automated and manual testing. Our services include functional and non- functional tests (load, stress, negative testing) web application monitorisation, test management, and any testing services according to customer’s needs. Benefit from the advantages of outsourcing and our fair prices now.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing and quality assurance is an integral part of the software development life cycle. Inadequate attention to this phase of development can lead to severe issues during deployment and support. At Point Technologies we have specialized software evaluation teams that can undertake testing and quality assurance requirements for business applications as well as systems/embedded software :

Our testing Solution includes the following Life Cycle for testing :

Identifying Testing Requirements :

Test Rules are created for the testing the requirements . each requirement ( or a set of requirements) will have a test rule associated with it for clarifying the testing needs for the requirement .

Writing Test Cases :

After the test rules are written, we write the test cases based on the test rule . our test cases ensure 100% coverage of test requirements with complete testing.

Execution :

All the test cases that are written , will be executed and defects will be open in case the test fails

Customer Reviews :

Customer Satisfation with our work is the prime goal of our work procedures. For each phase of the process we ensure the customer satisfaction with proper reviews with customer and involving the customer in our work culture

Offshore Software Testing:

Our team of expert application developers will work with your existing staff (if necessary) to understand the project requirements, define the range and control the software quality testing process throughout the project lifecycle. Our offshore software testing team will use advanced and specific testing methods to perform highly professional software testing outsourcing tasks. Our extensive experience in testing software applications and testing tools for software quality testing tasks allows us to deliver quality results.

How we manage

Our processes are highly manageable, therefore our clients can control any stage of project implementation. We ensure safety and security of source code and we do not disclose any information about the project without customer’s permission.

We seek a close collaboration with clients based on mutual understanding. Security, Privacy and Quality are the fundamental principles of our cooperation.

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