Security Surveillances & Network Survey

Electromagnetic Field Testing (EMF Survey)

The purpose of our testing services is not to provide a basis for contesting the siting of cell phone towers or to seek their removal once sited. This position is not the result of an alliance between EMF Services and the cellular service providers. Rather, it represents an effort to avoid leading you down the path toward a disappointing result. The RF levels near a cell tower will not approach Maximum Permissible Exposures at ground level where people are present. Therefore, from a legal perspective, grounds for such an action do not exist. Further, a court of law is not the best venue for a challenge to the science on which existing standards are based. The likely result is disappointment and a wasted financial expenditure. The best reason for testing and measurement services is to understand the field levels that exist, and what can be done to reduce them


Alethe provide enhanced EMF testing services that involve more detailed data collection, and a more extensive and broader coverage report, than a conventional compliance survey. Our surveys incorporate procedures and equipment to separately measure cellular power density, in addition to the composite power density (the combination of all RF signals present). We use top quality professional equipment, and extensive procedural safeguards, to ensure the highest degree of RF measurement accuracy.

RF Planning

Alethe Consulting professional services team is led by telecommunication systems and RF engineering experts with many years of practical wireless experience

  • Diverse industry experience including large and small wireless carriers, service providers, technology vendors, and state governments
  • Wireless carrier and broadband wireless technology experience
  • Designed, developed and patented wireless location prediction system
  • Experienced in latest RF modelling tools and platforms for 3G/4G wireless
  • Usage of fewer sites
  • Maximum coverage
  • Easy and faster deployable network
  • Low installation costs

Drive Test


This service allows operators to have a fast and efficient way to verify the Quality of Service of their networks regarding coverage and quality from the perspective of its users. Alethe also offers a complete solution (Drive test and consultants) that enables operators and suppliers to have a very effective method to evaluate and correct weaknesses found in the network, thus ensuring the high quality of voice and data services that users demand. “The Drive tests Reports delivered bring practical information for the analysis of the area involved.

They are considered to be very complete and useful. Here is an example


Manpower Contractor Services(Outsourcing Manpower)

In this model, the manpower remains on the payroll of Alethe and the resources are assigned to the customer. This model is ideal for customers who either need a solution for peaks in their requirements or have a long term requirement but don’t want the additional burden of head-counts on their books.

Following are a few examples of the technical skill sets that we are able to provide with relatively short lead times

  • EMF Testing Engineer (With Tools )
  • EIRP Testing Enginee
  • BTS Engineers
  • O&M Manpower (Active /Passive infra)
  • Transmission Engineers
  • Switch Engineers
  • RF Engineers
  • Drive Test Technicians
  • Alarm Monitoring in Network Operations Centre (NOC)
  • Electricians for MSC/BSC/NOC
  • Riggers and Technicians
  • Solar Project Engineer.
  • Structured Cabling Manpower (ASPR)
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project MIS
  • IT Consultant

Electrical, Security Surveillance & Data Structured Cabling Solutions

Alethe is a specialty company that designs and installs solutions and products for data, voice, sound, electrical cabling, structured cabling and security applications. Alethe provides the following services

  • Wireless and wired networking
  • Infrastructure design of structured cabling systems
  • Project management
  • Premise cabling installation
  • Out-side plant ( OSP ) cabling
  • Testing and certification
  • Security/Building controls
  • Audio/Visual Solutions
  • Telephone/ PBX systems services
  • Network Fiber Optic Installations


We undertake all types of electrical works pertaining to telecom sites like :

  • Earthing pits.
  • Mains power supply
  • Supply and installation of meter box , ACDB boxes
  • Internal wiring of shelter / cage
  • External wiring from change over switch to DG and to ACDB
  • Supply and installation of aviation light and cable

In-Building Solutions (IBS)

Building an active or passive in-building solution is dependent on building size.
We have experience of installing indoors since 2007 ranging from 3 antenna installations to more complex projects involving several hundred. Our solutions include a comprehensive survey, design, installation, integration and maintenance, as well as walk testing and proper labeling to identify faulty antennas during maintenance. A proactive monitoring system is also included.

Other Services