Network Integration & Security


Network Integration

Network down-time or poor quality of service today directly translates into revenue losses for organizations and enterprises today. One of the most vital offerings from Alethe Consulting is empowering its clients to meet such demands

Alethe Consulting proposition for setting up & support for Network & Security environment is as follows:

  • Network Design Optimization & Performance Troubleshooting
  • Network Configuration validation
  • Capacity Planning & Sizing
  • Reduction in Infrastructure costs
  • Security Planning and Risk Analysis
  • Business Continuity Planning & Availability

Network Security

Security is paramount for everyone, let alone enterprises. In the virtual world we live in, information security has become an all important agenda in many a board-room. Enterprises at large have been compromised due to lack of sound Information Security Infrastructure and policies. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions & services together with our information security partners in the likes of Juniper, Computer Associates, Checkpoint, Cisco and Internet Security Systems in securing your Enterprise. Our solutions cover the following:

  • Information Security policy review
  • Perimeter Security solutions
  • Intrusion Detection solutions
  • Authorization, authentication and accounting solutions
  • Penetration Testing & Audits
  • Related Professional & Consultancy services

Network Migration & Capacity Planning

  • Network Setup Migration (Switches, Router, MPLS cloud, Firewall from one DC to New Data Center without impact the production environment
  • Capacity planning of network & Security equipments
  • Bandwidth Calculation
  • WAN Optimization
Other Services