Manpower Contractor Services (Outsourcing Manpower)

Manpower Contractor Services(Outsourcing Manpower)

In this model, the manpower remains on the payroll of Alethe and the resources are assigned to the customer. This model is ideal for customers who either need a solution for peaks in their requirements or have a long term requirement but don’t want the additional burden of head-counts on their books.

Following are a few examples of the technical skill sets that we are able to provide with relatively short lead times

  • EMF Testing Engineer (With Tools )
  • EIRP Testing Enginee
  • BTS Engineers
  • O&M Manpower (Active /Passive infra)
  • Transmission Engineers
  • Switch Engineers
  • RF Engineers
  • Drive Test Technicians
  • Alarm Monitoring in Network Operations Centre (NOC)
  • Electricians for MSC/BSC/NOC
  • Riggers and Technicians
  • Solar Project Engineer.
  • Structured Cabling Manpower (ASPR)
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project MIS
  • IT Consultant
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