Backup & Recovery


Backup & Recovery

Alethe Consulting provide complete array of Data Protection & Availability service to organizations which enables them in Data protection, ensures availability of critical information assets, optimizes resource utilization & help in efficient management of information across the organization. These services can be broadly classified into following two categories:

Data Migration Services

Implement effective processes and technology to migrate data and files between storage arrays, systems, and sites—with minimum interruption to online applications.

Migrating data is now a regular enterprise IT activity. Despite the frequency, many migration projects exceed the allotted time, the planned downtime window, and the estimated costs. Our consultants can help your organization with migrate data and files between storage entities, systems, and sites—on time, on schedule, and with minimum interruption to online applications.


There are numerous reasons why companies need to move data: reduce high storage costs, achieve standardization, comply with regulatory requirements, refresh technology, or consolidate data centers. Yet, with incompatibilities between storage systems and server technologies, plus the demand for 24/7 data and application availability, the prospect of data migration can be overwhelming. With data constantly on the move, enterprises need a better way to handle migrations—one that minimizes labor, costs, and disruptions.


As the recognized leader in enterprise backup and recovery, Alethe is uniquely positioned to help you design, implement, and manage the optimal systems for your environment. Our goal is to help you build data protection systems that provide continuous availability—including database and application integration—to meet increasing service level demands and fit within your budget. Alethe services for enterprise-class data protection—leveraging industry-leading products & Technologies, such as:

  • Symantec Veritas Netbackup
  • EMC Networker
  • Comvault
  • Dataprotector
  • Tivoli

We include solution architecture design, deployment, in-place upgrades, migrations, operational integration, and application clustering. Our database services include protection for Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server databases as well as Exchange. Our integration services include replication and integration for storage arrays and integration with leading third-party storage technologies.

We provide consulting & deployment services for providing complex mail & messaging solutions to Enterprise Customers having geographically distributed offices & workforce which covers the following:

With skills in each of the products, we provide following competitive solutions to our customers:

  • Backup policy design
  • Backup automation using scripts
  • Backup Policy Deployment
  • BCV/Time Finder Cloning Automation
  • Shadow image scripting & Automation
  • Disk Library virtualization & deployment ( EMC, Netapp Disk Library etc)
  • Tape library installation & configuration ( SL500, 3000, 8500, MSL 8096,6030, ADIC -2000, Quantum etc)
Other Services